OOTD - 31 Weeks

Holy carp, am I really only two months away from having this baby!?!?  I've officially hit that stage where all I want to do is prepare, even though I know I have a little bit of time.  For example: I've already gotten the girls' Christmas presents.  I know, I know, it's not even Halloween (and yes, I already got those costumes.... a month ago...), but I figure since I'm going to be laid up with a newborn around that time, I might as well get the shopping out of the way now!  Plus, he just keeps growing, which makes me less and less motivated to do any sort of extra movement as the time goes on.  Case in point, this was in August:

22 Weeks in!
Now, fast-forward to this blustery fall day, and this is where he's at:

Don't let the scarf fool you, that's a 31 week belly and it's just getting bigger!

Needless to say, there'll be no more extended shopping trips, or any other types of trips, for the next few weeks!  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm pretty sure there's some junk food in my kitchen that needs consuming.  I really, er, I mean, 'the baby' really wants to eat!

Outfit 1 Details: Top, thrifted, $3; Leggings, Wal-Mart, $6; Shoes, Rack Room Shoes, $7 (clearance), Clutch, DIY; Earrings, Wet Seal, $3 (old); Total: $19

Outfit 2 Details: Top, thredUP, $5 ($10 referral credit through the link); Skirt, DIY; Shoes, thrifted, $2; Scarf, free via clothing swap; Bracelet, don't recall; Total: $7