Wedding Style Guide - The Black Tux

Ladies, let's talk wedding season.  More specifically, am I the only one that gets stressed out by finding something to wear for summer weddings?  There's so many 'rules,' not to mention the fact that fashion rules were meant to be broken, but you still want to fit into some guidelines so you don't show up the bride, but of course you don't want to wear black, or is black now okay....? It's enough to cause a mini-shopping meltdown!

That's why when The Black Tux reached out to me and asked if I would collaborate with them on a Wedding Style Guide, I said a very quick "I DO!" (heheh, see what I did there....).  It was even more helpful that they've put together a helpful Wedding Style infographic:

Feature Friday - Daydreaming with Arhaus

So, I guess I've finally hit grown-up status.  If having three kiddos and being in my thirties wasn't proof enough, I'm also right in the thick of researching mortgage options.  Woo hoo.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the actual path to potentially being a homeowner, but all the numbers and percentages and interest rates and underwriting fees (whatever those are!) make my head spin!  So when I was approached by Arhaus to collaborate on designing my Dream Dressing Room, I got super excited for the welcome excuse for a brain break!  One of the many factors that have come into play as we're looking at potential homes has been the amount of closet and storage space available for the 5 humans that will be residing there!  The kids' stuff might not take up too much space now (who am I kidding, there's toys everywhere), but eventually I will have TEENAGERS, one of whom's current favorite game is dress-up.  You can only guess what the future will hold there!

Of course, even if it doesn't actually ever happen, it's fun to dream of having my very own private space and dressing room to prepare for each day.  So, I turned to my trusty Pinterest for inspiration photos, and did some virtual shopping with Arhaus in the process!

OOTD - Waiting for the Weekend

If my latest Intstagram post was any indication, I'm having a hard time focusing today.  Also, can we just take a vote now and make #thursdayisthenewhumpday an official 'thing' from now on?  I don't know what it is, but Thursday is my 'let's daydream about this weekend and all the things I'll do... or bingewatch on Netflix depending on my mood' day of the week.  So, in honor of my distraction, I'll just distract ya'll with some weekend wear to prep for those oh-too-short days of the week.

OOTD - Trending Classics

If anyone was wondering, the car business in the summertime is CRAZY!!  I've barely had time to catch my breath, much less taken the time to take any photos.  I'll try to make up for it by a two-fer of outfit posts today.  Apparently I've been subconsciously influenced by the uptick of neutral black and white fashion that's been on the radar lately (like the opening of the most recent Proenza Schouler show), and ended up going (mostly) monochromatic not once, but twice this weekend!  So it only makes sense to post both outfits together.

Outfit One:

OOTD - Style Imitating Art returns!

Good Monday Morning, everyone!  As I've been trying to post a bit more regularly, that provides more opportunities to participate in fashion challenges, like Style Imitating Art.  Jen of Librarian for Life and Style picked a painting that matched some recent thrift finds I'd picked up recently.

More information on Chagall is available on Artsy

Thrifted Pinterest - Polyvore, Take 2

Time for another IRL version of a Polyvore board!  My work schedule has left a LOT less time for scrolling through Pinterest, so I'm relying on my trusty outfit boards I've built based on stuff in my overstuffed closet.  (it's embarassing, really... like Turkey-Day-quality overstuffed.)  It's got all kinds of thrifted goodies in there, including a dress from a brand I probably *wouldn't* go out of my way to shop with normally...

Feature Friday - Warby Parker

It's Memorial Day Weekend, ya'll, or as it's more commonly known, "the un-official start of summer."  It's the weekend where we remember the sacrifices of those in the armed forces so that we can enjoy the freedom to celebrate with barbecues, shopping, swimming, and hopefully spending extra time with beloved family and friends.  It's also a great weekend for car shopping, which is why I'm rocking this awesome outfit today: