OOTD - I Got Chills (They're Multiplyin')

So I don't love the cold snap we're having.  I was really hoping the groundhog would be wrong this year; but as tradition would have it, he was correct yet again.  At the very least, it gives me just a few more opportunities to rock this coat with DIY embellishments a few more times before it gets packed away and we're all lamenting how hot it's gotten.

OOTD - Playing Dress-Up

Since last week was apparently an outfit showing my alter ego, I figure we might as well keep that trend going this week too!  This dress on the rack at Goodwill was kind of sad.  It was floor length, long sleeved, and so, so outdated.  But, with a couple quick edits to the hem and adding some bell sleeves, it brings out my inner flower child!  Now if only we could get the global peace and love to go along with it.

OOTD - Buttoned Up

I love the librarian vibes this outfit gives off!  I'm an unabashed book nerd, and love adding a bit of that side into my outfit choices.  All the little details in the jewelry and other accessories just help to make up the details of my alter ego persona as well.  Now bring on the book recommendations!  (for reals, I love them, fill my comment section UP!!)

OOTD - Stay Sunny

Anyone else feeling the excitement of the change in seasons?   The breezes and sun are helping to clear out some of the winter cobwebs, so it was high time for me to update my goal board at work in the same spirit:

OOTD - #tbt

Ya'll, sometimes I get surprised at just how cyclical fashion can be.  I mean, I know the 90's fashions are back, but it still takes me by surprise when I see images like this, and realize that it's from RIGHT NOW:


But it's not a bad thing.  It's so much fun to see the revival of trends like wrap dresses, sneakers with dresses, and updated athleisure make a second showing.  So, in the spirit of 90's revival, I figured it was high time to debut the vintage 90's GAP overalls I happened across recently:

OOTD - Your Nerddom is Showing

Can you spot the nerddom?  Gotta love incorporating little touches like this DIY choker to keep outfits from getting too stuffy.  Speaking of stuffy, THANK GOODNESS for sunshine and finally getting to go outside!  I am so excited for every hint of spring weather that decides to rear its' head.  Reminds me of Hyrule. ;)

Outfit Details:
Top: thrifted, $5
Sweater: free via clothing swap
Jeans: via ThredUP, $6
Boots: via Plato's Closet resale, $14
Earrings: DIY'ed from materials on hand
Necklace: DIY'ed from materials on hand
Grand Total: $25


I want to apologize for my negative tone in my previous post.  The truth is, that outfit had nothing to do with my mood.  I've had a hard time mentally recovering from the latest school shooting in our country.  Every one of these attacks are a tragedy, but this one has stayed in my, and undoubtedly others', minds constantly.  There's posts and YouTube videos being reposted on everyone's Facebook, a cacophony of opinions just like with every past national tragedy.  On most of those events, I purposefully stayed silent and refused to add to the riot of online opinion-sharing and political back and forths that ensue.

And on this occasion, I don't necessarily have a new opinion to share.  My words will probably be the same ones that the countless other mothers, fathers, teachers, friends and bloggers have already said and shared.

And that's the point.