Ya'll, I found some OLD pictures from the archives, and I really can't believe I never got around to posting them when they were taken last year.  But, there's no time like the present, right?  Plus, we can all reminisce together about the good old times when you could actually go outside without losing a limb to frostbite....

OOTD - Lu-Lu-Lula

So I have this co-worker who has gotten me hooked on Lularoe.  Like, really truly, my closet is starting to get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of adorable stretchy items. BUT, in my defense, how do you not snatch up adorable leggings that look THIS CUTE on your friend?

Monday Meal Plan - Week of January 8th

Another week, another day of my kitchen looking like this:

OOTD - Fringe Benefits

Can I take a minute to brag on my job?  I have to say, I'm completely blessed to find a job, in the car business no less, that fits my personality so well.  It definitely has it's stressful moments, but the good outweighs the bad on so many levels!  I'm just feeling all lovey-dovey about it, and had to share.  It's not usually the norm to find a group of co-workers that become close friends, a boss that tempers his high expectations with equal amounts of encouragement, and owners that push their employees to be their best while still caring about them.  I'm not passionate about the car business, but I am passionate about this one.  (And no, other than my normal paycheck, I'm not being paid to write all this.)

Plus, where else would I find awesome co-workers to take my outfit photos with an equally awesome car-lot background?

Monday Meal Plan - New Year, New Instant Pot

Guess what I got for Christmas?  I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Instant Yacht, and it's going to get a LOT of use in our home, especially for this working mama!  So, in the spirit of the New Year, I figured I'd start up my weekly Monday Meal Plan feature, with a twist:

Since I've been working, we've entered the 'non-traditional' family spectrum.  And it's been such a good fit, and may inspire a more detailed blog post later on.  Basically, I'm the primary income provider, while my husband is the primary homemaker.   We're still not sure yet if this is permanent or temporary, but it fits well with our current season of life.  With that change comes others, as it always happens, and Andrew has been cooking and doing most of the grocery shopping.

However, whenever I decide I want to cook up a storm in one afternoon, and do my own meal prep, that also means that I end up doing my own shopping as well.  So, my weekly meal plans are only going to be listing my breakfast, lunch, and snack options for my work days, and I'll leave the dinners up to him.  I'm also not including a lot of recipes this week, since I'm kind of throwing a bunch of stuff together, but I'll list what I can for anyone that wants to follow along, throwing in some links I've found helpful as an Instant Pot beginner.

First up, the grocery list, which I made printable, with a bunch of blank spaces for any additional items you'd like to add for your own shopping trips:


Well, here's my final post of 2017.  I'd love to share my thoughts on the year, but there's just way too much to unpack for a silly little fashion blog.  So, instead, I figured I'd share the best outtake pic's that I'd saved from the past year!  Some of these are posted outfits, and some haven't made it to the blog just yet, so you can consider these a sneak peek of what's to come next year (hopefully with a lot less derp involved....).


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OOTD - Oops, I did it again....

Wouldya look at that?  I wore another outfit that just *happens* to match my hair!  I suppose that may have been subconsciously intentional, though, since I know I picked a hair color that just happens to coordinate with a large portion of my closet!  Apparently I'm just that good, even if I can't take full credit for my subconscious' actions!  (ha)