OOTD - Velvet Goldmine

OOTD - Red, White, and Woo Pig

So, the first day of Autumn is this week.... which is ironic because it still feels like summer around these here parts of the Ozarks. (Yee-haw.)  So, in protest of the summer temps, I'm pulling out some more outfit photos from this summer that never got posted, like this one that was meant for the 4th of July and never made it to the interwebz:

OOTD - Double Up

I keep finding old outfit photos from this summer that just need to be shared!  Even if multiple outfits end up being basically the same thing:

...... look familiar?

OOTD - This Kid

SOMEONE decided he needed to be a part of these outfit photos.  I'll leave it up to ya'll to decide who is the more photogenic of us two:

Day to Night Outfit Challenge, and a snafu

Ya'll, I have date night on the brain.  There's so many new restaurants to try and movies to see (*cough cough* IT?  You'll float too......), and only so many kid-free weekend nights to do it!  In honor of my date night daydreams, I decided to play around with an outfit that can go from day to night, all with a few wardrobe changes and essential jewelry choices.

BUT then I forgot to bring my camera to work for the flat-lay I'd planned to photograph on lunch.... so we're relying on similar items on a Polyvore board instead!

OOTD - Goodbye, Summer

It was actually somewhat CHILLY this morning, guys!!!  I'm beyond excited for the change in the seasons, and figured I would do a catch-up post on some of the outfits that were worn over these warmer months that are slowly coming to an end.  I'm going to miss all the bright colors and sun that summer always brings, but I'm am also just giddy for the chance to break out all my layers, soup recipes, and hot chocolate!  Vive la FALL!!!

Feature Friday - Registered

Reader, I have a question: if you're married, what was your "must-have" item when you worked up your wedding registry?   For some, it was matching towel sets or place settings.  For others, they preferred home decor.

For us, it was a tool set.  Since Daddy A and I had already lived on our own, but separate, before getting married, most of the usual essentials didn't apply.  We already had sheets and towels and plates, none of which matched of course, but we didn't mind!  But something we DID need was a set of tools for home projects, because for some reason neither of us owned a hammer before that!

I ask because I recently discovered an amazing site for all things wedding, that helps to put all the wedding registry bits and pieces all in one spot!  If anyone is getting ready to get married, Zola helps to keep all your planning and registries in one spot, with both traditional and not-so traditional options: