Thrift Finds

Well, it's been almost a whole week, and I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of the items I found last Saturday on my girls' nite/thrift trip.  To be fair, I am working around the schedules of two little buggers while big sis in in school.  So, with baby A snoozing on the bed and little A playing in the kitchen, I took the chance to get some photos so I could share my finds with you!

Thrifted Pinterest - Thrift Tips

Hey, howdy, hey everybody!  I'm super excited about this weekend, since a group of friends and I are having a girl's night this Saturday.  We're going to be checking out a new HUGE thrift store in our area, and so, in preparation, I thought I would share a few of my tips for a fun, mostly stress-free thrift shopping trip.  Bear in mind, there are more options at a thrift store than just clothes, such as great deals on dishes and housewares, but I'll focus on just the clothing for this post.

1. Have a (very general) shopping list, either physical or mental.


OOTD - Missed Post Round-Up

HELLO!!  After a slightly-longer-than-expected break from blogging, I'm back with a bunch of pictures!  I had a friend ask me today, "Um, I'm waiting for some posts, here." (She was actually a lot nicer than that, I promise....), and that was enough of a nudge to get me blogging again.  Hopefully, now that I've hit something of a routine with the three kiddos (I've accepted that my life is just going to be crazy from now on!), I can keep up with a blogging routine as well.  Anyways, I figured a long break warranted a long, pic-heavy post, so here's a bunch of outfits I've worn in the past few months.