Fair Trade Friday - Freedom!

No, this is not a post about how awesome the movie Braveheart is (I figured that's pretty much a given).  This is about freeing my lower legs.  As much as I love my skinny jeans, I want my calves to be able to breathe this summer.  I also don't want to shave everyday, or have to rely on only maxi skirts for the days that I skip the razor (geez, picky much?) Oh yeah, and I also want to purchase Fair Trade.  The solution?  Wide-leg trousers, otherwise known as palazzo pants.  I went on a vast and exhaustive search (via Google) for some pretty and ethically produced pants, and these are my top picks:

Folk Like Us Cheesecloth Trouser
Lightweight, in this punchy coral color, these pants gracefully whisper, "summer is coming."  I could easily pair these with a white or grey tee, some necklaces, and some T-Strap Ssekos, and I'd have a summer uniform that I'd happily stick with.

Nomads Purple Flared Trouser
One word: PURPLE!  Okay, maybe I'll add a few more words along with that: flowy floral purple pants with just the right amount of flair.  I already have a silky black tank in my closet that would go perfectly with these.
Soul Flower B/W Tribal Pant
Two trends from this year that I'm sure will continue into the coming months: black & white and tribal patterns.  Luckily for us, these pants have both!  Plus, at only $34, they're the least expensive option I found.  I've already spent my April budget, but if these are still available in May, you better believe I'll be buying myself a pair!

Soul Flower Waves of Freedom Pant
Now, technically, these are more flares than wide-leg pants, but they made the list as well, just because they're so pretty!   The skirted top and tiered layers are just stinkin' adorable. There's a gorgeous fuschia option (not pictured here), that I desperately want.  Now if only it were socially acceptable to wear the same pants every day, since that's probably what I'd do with these.

Are there any trends you'd like to see featured on Fair Trade Friday?  Let me know in the comments and I'll track down ethical options to feature here!


  1. The B + W Triabl Pants and the Waves of Freedom Pants are definitely a popular item at the Soul Flower office, we can't can't wear them enough - so comfy! Thanks much for including our clothing in your post - way awesome! <3 JacQ & your buds at soul-flower.com

  2. Also, would just like to not that both of those two Soul Flower pants, although they are ethically made, they are not Fair Trade Certified. However, we do have many Fair Trade products on the Soul Flower site, and the words Fair Trade can be found within the product description along with a Fair Trade eco icon. Hope that helps! :)


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