OOTD - My Shadow

Sometimes, I get to take photos by myself... until this happens....

Fair Trade Friday - Sweater Weather

It's finally feeling like autumn!  I'll be honest, I've had a few days in the past few weeks where I've wanted to wear a sweater despite the still 80-degree temps, just because in my head, it should already be fall weather.  But, it's finally here!  Having to bundle up put me in the mood to do some online window-shopping for some knitwear, and I'd like to share a few favorites I found on Fair Indigo.

Pure Handknit Fair Trade Statement Cowl Neck Sweater

Thrifted Pinterest - Copycat

So, the world keeps turning, and I still have to get dressed every morning.  Such is life, and really, it's a great life!  I thought I'd share an outfit from a few days ago, that's basically a copy of a Pinterest outfit I pinned after finding a new dress at the thrift store.  Here's the original: