Outfit Round-Up

So, if you're someone I've talked to in the past few weeks, chances are I've mentioned my upcoming (very minor!) surgery.  And, since I love talking about it so much (that's sarcasm, people), I figured I would let you guys know as well.  I'll be taking a couple weeks off from blogging while I recover in my bed with a stack of Stephen King novels and some doctor-prescribed painkillers.  In the meantime, here's a round-up of outfits I've worn in the past few months that I never got around to posting (until now, obvs.):

Outfit 1:

Fair Trade Friday - Hope Outfitters

Okay, it's time for a personal question: what legacy are you hoping to leave?

That vitally important question can shape the whole trajectory of your life.  That question is what prompted Ryan Welch, co-founder of Hope Outfitters, to step down from an entrepreneur group he was a part of, and start a company that gives back 100% of its' profits to the Kingdom of Christ.  He and his family left a life where the goal was to "build businesses and get rich," and instead decided to follow this most important truth: "The only thing that truly matters in this life is whether or not we love Christ and love others!" (from their "About Us" page.)  Every four months, the volunteer team that runs Hope Outfitters launches a new campaign for an aspect of social justice, and the current one is a cause that is close to my heart: supporting women that have been set free from a life of trafficking in Cambodia.

Thankfully, I married a man that shares the same heart, so when I sent him a link to Hope Outfitters explaining their 'Forever Free' campaign, he did some shopping.  And, I even convinced him to 'model' his purchases for today's post, along with a couple other tiny members of the family.

"Set Free" tee

OOTD - Silly and Sweatpantsless

Hey guys!  I missed Monday's Meal Plan this week, I'm still recovering from a bug I caught from my kiddos last week.  Thankfully, we're all mostly on the mend, and are even well enough to share some silly pictures with you!

...apparently, she's a kitty