OOTD - Two-fer

To make up for my lack of posting lately, my outfit for the day features a two-fer.  More specifically, I'm breaking TWO rules this summer, at least according to this silly little article.  In case you were wondering, both bedazzling and leopard print apparently have an expiration date: your 30th birthday, at least according to the original writer.  So, of course, little miss "leopard print is a neutral and, ooh look, shiny!" me had to go ahead and break both of those ridiculous "rules" in one outfit!

Greek Pasta Salad

Do you guys have any foods that you only crave at certain times?  I remarked to a friend once that I look forward to summer because that's when everyone makes pasta salad.  He replied that he wasn't aware that pasta salad was seasonal, but for me it definitely is!  It's just too hot outside to eat hot pasta, but I'm always craving pasta of some kind it seems, so pasta salad is the solution.  I whipped up a super savory version this last week, and it was just too easy and delicious not to share, so here's a quick recipe for ya'll.

OOTD - Girlier Than Me

Hey friends!  How was your 4th?  Did anyone lose any limbs or fingers to fireworks?  (I sincerely hope not!)  Ours was pretty uneventful, but of course, when there's explosive devices involved, that's the type of day you want to have!  I'm finally getting around to sharing some pics of a dress I wore a few weeks ago; a very, VERY girly dress!