OOTD - After Midnight

Let me tell you a story:

A little while ago, the hubs and I stayed up late to watch movies and spend some time together after the kiddos went to sleep.  Fast forward a few hours and more than a few glasses of wine, and I'm tipsily browsing through eBay.  Apparently the hubs thinks I need some overalls, and so I went searching the interwebs for an affordable pair.  I made my order, and then when we woke up the next day, soberly checked my order history to find I had ordered this:

OOTD - Here's Hopin'

Oh, hello there.

Fair Trade Friday - In the Write

I may have started a new hobby.  Yes, another one.  But, it should help with organization and still inspire my creative side, so I'll call it a win-win.

It's bullet journaling.  If you're not familiar, the bullet journal site explains the basics, and there is a rabbit-hole on Pinterest for page layout ideas that I may have fallen down before venturing into my own little ideas.

Don't judge, it's been a CRAZY week!

OOTD - All The Prints!

Sometimes less is more.  But, in this case, it's time to throw together ALL THE PRINTS!  I DIY'ed a wrap dress into a maxi cardi, (sounds complicated but it was really just a couple snips and hems here and there), and the blue just meshes so well with the print on this traded dress I got!

Fair Trade Friday - OOOh, Shiny!

In case you haven't noticed, there are 7 (SEVEN) weekends until Christmas!  And yes, you have every right to be a grump and insist that we don't talk about that until after other holidays have passed.  BUT, that doesn't negate the fact that the holiday is coming.  So, in that spirit, I decided to bring back my weekly installment of Fair Trade Friday to help with a little holiday gift-giving inspiration beyond the big box retailers.

This week I'm highlighting some of the new offerings from Starfish Project's newly released holiday collection, because no gift guide is complete without all the shiny pretties!  If you're not familiar with Starfish Project, they are a jewelry company committed to providing hope, healing, and work to women who want to escape from the net of prostitution in China.   All the pieces are as beautiful as this company's vision, so I'm only going to highlight a few personal favorites:

Audrey Necklace

OOTD - Happy Dance

I think I'm almost through my archived photos, and today this outfit actually matches up with the weather!  I think this calls for a happy dance!

OOTD - Unseasonable

I'm taking advantage of the almost 80 degree weekend coming up to post a couple more archived looks from a slightly warmer time. Also, can we just appreciate the awesome fact that being old enough to see trends come around a second time means that you can find on-trend flared jeans for almost nothing secondhand?  Hear hear for the second time around!

OOTD - Back Up

That title is a little play on words.  As you can tell from the hair color, I went back to some archived photos, and I also have my trusty little partner for today's pictures!