You know when you get a moment that's a confirmation that you should continue a hobby?  Sometimes, you continue something because you love it.  Sometimes, it's out of stubbornness.  Sometimes, it's out of necessity.  BUT SOMETIMES, even if all of the above is true, you still need that outside influence to keep going.

That's what I needed to continue blogging.

And then, I got an opportunity that was the push I needed to jump right on in where I had left off.

A few weeks ago, I got a message from the lovely local fashion designer, Rosie Rose.  I've stalked her designs for literal years, ya'll, ever since a friend suggested checking her out.  And she needed a model.  Any funk I'd been in about "do I continue with the fashion thing or set it aside was gone.  So, I arranged childcare, got 'gussied up' as the hubs would say, and got ready to meet and shoot.

While impatiently waiting for all this to go down, a friend posted this picture on the Facebook, with the question, "what are you passionate about lately?"


It's been a long couple months, ya'll.

I've been going back and forth on starting up blogging again, and after my last post, a mental health hiatus seemed especially necessary.  I had to give myself permission to take a break, from a ton of areas of my life that used to take priority.  I didn't write, I didn't take photos, and most days, any outfit beyond a 'nice' top and jeans was a little too much effort.

And, yet, it's been a time of growth, and rebuilding some habits, both old and new.  It's been hard, and good, and sometimes fulfilling and often exhausting.  But that break made room in my life for some really great things as well.  I've gotten to refocus my energy on new creative endeavors, found time on the weekends to pour into my kids, and had a literal ton of soul-searching to strengthen my faith.