OOTD - Friday, I'm in Love....

...with this skirt!  I've had it stashed in my closet for a while now, and may have even posted it, but then it's been languishing in the back of my closet.  Waiting for the perfect fancy moment to be worn.  But then, I figured, life is short. Wear the skirt!  So, here it is, finally relishing the light of day again.

OOTD - Chopped

My hair has changed!  Again!  This time it was more necessity, since I FRIED it with all the past bleaching and color changes.  But, I love a good pixie cut, and am so glad I decided to make a long overdue change.  Vive la haircuts!

OOTD - Hump Day

Hey. Guess what day it is???  If I were a crazy camel working in an office setting, I'd be screaming "Hump dayyyyyyy!"  But, seeing as I am a human, I'll just grab an extra cup of coffee to get past this middle of the week hump, and post outfit photos instead.

OOTD - Groovy Tuesday

Is there really anything better than a good swing dress?  Possibly, if we're talking about a good swing dress with awesome bell sleeves and lace details!  It's the best blank canvas for accessorizing, with just enough groovy flair to keep it interesting!  There's a reason I couldn't say no when I found it on the rack.

OOTD - One Week

I'm baaaaaack!  After an unplanned hiatus (that may involve some family changes that I'll be sharing later on), I'm back to blogging some of the outfit photos I'd saved up for rainy days.  Or post-rainy days. Or just today.  So, to make sure these outfits all see the light of day, I'll be posting outfits all week, starting today!

OOTD - I Got Chills (They're Multiplyin')

So I don't love the cold snap we're having.  I was really hoping the groundhog would be wrong this year; but as tradition would have it, he was correct yet again.  At the very least, it gives me just a few more opportunities to rock this coat with DIY embellishments a few more times before it gets packed away and we're all lamenting how hot it's gotten.