You know when you get a moment that's a confirmation that you should continue a hobby?  Sometimes, you continue something because you love it.  Sometimes, it's out of stubbornness.  Sometimes, it's out of necessity.  BUT SOMETIMES, even if all of the above is true, you still need that outside influence to keep going.

That's what I needed to continue blogging.

And then, I got an opportunity that was the push I needed to jump right on in where I had left off.

A few weeks ago, I got a message from the lovely local fashion designer, Rosie Rose.  I've stalked her designs for literal years, ya'll, ever since a friend suggested checking her out.  And she needed a model.  Any funk I'd been in about "do I continue with the fashion thing or set it aside was gone.  So, I arranged childcare, got 'gussied up' as the hubs would say, and got ready to meet and shoot.

While impatiently waiting for all this to go down, a friend posted this picture on the Facebook, with the question, "what are you passionate about lately?"

And, ya'll, my response didn't even need a second thought.  I knew what I was (and am!) passionate about, because it hasn't changed, even as I have been lately:

You guys, Rosie is THAT designer.  You will see all races, sizes, and genders in her runway shows and photoshoots, and she loves, loves, LOVES using and repurposing vintage materials whenever possible.  I'm kind of a fangirl.  SO, in the spirit of her invite being the jumping off point of my return to the blogosphere, I wanted to be sure and highlight the items I was lucky enough to model.  All these items are shoppable on her website, and I'll be sure to link to specific items in the captions.

Hand-dyed Silk Scarf
You guys, if I could have stolen this scarf and stayed in good standing with Rosie, I would have.  It's HUGE, by the way, at 7ft long, and the way this floats in the wind is magic.  Absolute magic,  I tell you.

Beyonce Icon Tee, Patchwork Skirt (shoes and earrings are my own)
This is the moment in the shoot that I discovered this skirt has pockets.  My face looks appropriately happy!!  Also, you need to click through and see the close-up detail on this tee.  You'll be doing yourself a favor, I promise.

TMNT Skirt from vintage fabric (DIY jewelry from found objects, all other items also my own)
This skirt is the first item I grabbed, I had to wear it.  It's classic and kitschy all at once, which is what I'm now going to brand as my aesthetic.  Because having an aesthetic is a thing people are doing, right?   That's what my kids tell me, at least...

Japanese print skirt (DIY found object jewelry, all other items also my own)
This is another item, you guys, that you really need to click through and look at the details.  It's beautiful!  Also, because I am still a beginning seamstress and not a designer, I am insanely jealous of how well made this skirt is.  Those gathers in that waistband?  Perfectly constructed.

Sequin Butterfly Tee, Teal Crystal earrings (all other items my own)
This shirt gives me all the happy butterflies.  That's not even a play on words, it is literally just that pretty.  When Rosie sent me previews of the items, this one got the ALL CAPS AND HEART EYES "I CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR THAT" treatment.  True story.

If I haven't emphasized this enough, I'll say it one more time: look at Rosie Rose's site.  Drink in the deliciousness.  Browse through all the categories: clothes, accessories, jewelry, and even stockings (both tie dyed and Christmas, btw)!  And, when you inevitably order one of these local creations for yourself, be sure to use her code NOVEMBER at checkout for 25% off too!  It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

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