Sunshine and Dandelions

Today was a simply gorgeous day!  So, my firstborn and I (and Penny the dog) decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine in our backyard for a while, before we had to leave for Little A's two week check-up at the doctor.

We got to enjoy all the beauty and sunshine we could absorb, while I got to play a rousing game of "find the toddler in the picture."

We got to discover things we hadn't seen before, like funky black leaves on the ground, and how twisty the branches are on one of our trees.

I made quite a few attempts to take some photos of my outfit, since I actually put forth an effort to get dressed today.  My beautiful baggy teal sweatpants needed a break!  Big A tried to help...

She made up for her 'intrusions' with a present.  Dandelions are my favorite when they come from her!

And where was the baby during all this fun?  Safely asleep in her crib, with her lamb (and baby monitor!) to watch over her.

Found out at the doctor, this tiny thing has gained a pound and a half in the past 10 days!  Healthy girl!

If you're interested, you can find more of my old outfit posts on my former blog, Lexi and Button.  Be sure to  check out the Fair Trade Friday posts while you're there!  That's a feature I plan on carrying over to this blog  for sure!

Outfit Details:
On Big A:
Shirt, Jeans, Boots, Hat: from Once Upon A Child
Vest: from local Rhea Lana's Sale
Scarf: gift

On Little A:
Shirt and Pants: from Once Upon a Child
Bib: gift

On myself:
Shirt: thrifted, Goodwill, $3.50
Sweater: Gap Outlet, $11
Jeans: Old Navy, $19
Shoes: Sears, $5 (clearance)
Belt: Forever 21, $2
Necklace: $1 Jewelry Store

Grand Total: $41.50

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