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Gosh, it's been busy around here lately!  I've had a few little projects that and friend and I have been working on lately, and I may have a few announcements for you guys in the near future. All that means right now is a lot less time for stuff like sewing, shopping, and taking pictures, but we should settle back into a routine soon.  I did have time for a little project recently, so I'm going to share another DIY idea with you guys!

I ran across this super easy idea for a top a long time ago, but never had the materials to make it:
Isn't that top super sweet (not to mention my serious hair envy going on...)?  It's just two matching square silk scarves attached together at the shoulders and sides.  Super quick and easy, but I never ran across any scarves that matched or were big enough to make a drapey top in my shopping trips.  But, I did run across this:

But Grace, you ask, that is most clearly a skirt, and not just any skirt, but a hippie wrap skirt that's obviously way too small.  And yes, you are correct, but it was only $0.50, and do you see the adorable little elephants and sequins all over it?  It obviously had to come home with me, regardless of  the fit.  About 30 minutes later, and this little top was born:

Here's how it was done:

First, I laid the skirt flat, folded in half, and measured the top against another boatneck top I already have.  In the second picture, you'll see my little pin ninjas showing where I marked the neck.  Then on the sides I measured 9 inches down from the top and put another pin where I wanted the armhole to end.

Basically, you'll have four pins marking the spots on the shirt where you'll start and stop the seams.  You'll have seams where the orange lines are in that second photo.

Since this skirt was all one piece, I needed to open up the armhole on one side.  So I got to work with my seam ripper, and then stitched down the raw edges on the inside of the armhole (second photo).  Then I stitched together the other open side (not pictured). Next, with right sides together, I stitched together the top right under the waistband (third photo), leaving it open where the neckhole is supposed to be.  Last, I topstitched the neck, using the fabric from the waistband as a type of facing for the inside of the neck.   And voila!  It was done!

Outfit Details:
Top: DIY, thrifted, $0.50
Black tank: Wal-Mart, $2 (clearance)
Jeans: thrifted, $5 (DIY'ed to skinnies)
Shoes: F21 via Plato's Closet resale, $10
Necklace: DIY, $1.50 for materials
Earrings: church auction, $5
Sequin bracelet: DIY'ed from leftover trim
Black Bracelet: Tiny Hands International, gift

Grand Total: $24

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