A Tutorial.

Naptime is a sacred time in our house.  The children are peaceful and still, mommy breathes a sigh of relief, and then she has a few precious hours (well, more like an hour and a half, but who's counting... besides me.) to work on some projects around the house.  Some days said projects involve watching one or two episodes of True Blood (hey, vampire shows are my guilty pleasure, don't judge!) or eating ice cream without having to share, and some days I'm a little more productive.  I thought I'd use today's naptime to bring you my tiny project for today, the

Yes folks, that's right!  It's another long overdue sewing tutorial, and this one's pretty simple!  Basically, you'll need:

A pocket from a button down shirt
Matching/Coordinating thread
Sewing stuff (machine, pins, scissors, etc...)
About 10 free minutes

I have a shirt that's going to be refashioned... eventually.  The first step was removing the pocket, and so I had this leftover piece of fabric that needed to be used.

So, I took said pocket, folded it in half, and pinned.

I then sewed along the 'pre-marked' line where the pocket had been stitched to the shirt.

And voila!  I am now the proud owner of a nifty little sleeve case for my glasses.  It's not padded, so all it really protects from is scratches and dust, but it will come in handy to shield from tiny fingerprints when my kiddos decide to hand me my glasses in the morning before my eyes are even open.

And that, friends, is the

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