I know you've been holding your breath since my little teaser earlier in the week, so today I'm going to introduce an exciting new chapter in our life!  I'd like to introduce (dun dun dun DUUUNNN!!!!) Purposed. Remade Creations.  (or just Purposed., for our friends :P )

As you may have noticed, I am quite passionate about companies that better other people's lives.  Well, my dear friend Andrea (who has the same passion) and I have formed ourselves into a team to support anti-trafficking efforts and orphan care through an already established organization.  We wanted to use our interests and abilities to raise support for an organization called Tiny Hands International.  A little more about them: Tiny Hands is on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking, specifically targeting the borders between Bangladesh and Nepal into India.  They help patrol the borders to intercept potential trafficking victims, rehabilitate trafficking survivors, and work with the justice system to prosecute traffickers. They also run several children's homes for orphaned or disenfranchised children in South Asia, and believe that "all children should have the opportunity to thrive, not just survive." (from their website)  Out of the many organizations fighting trafficking, all of whom are doing amazing work, we chose Tiny Hands based on their commitment to not only rescue all the 'least of these' from their physical distress, but to ensure that they are introduced to God's light of the Gospel.  Both the physical and spiritual needs of those being ministered to are addressed and met.

Now, a little about what Andrea and I are actually doing:

"The items we find at second hand stores are items that have been torn, stained, thrown out or in some way damaged and unwanted. We are messes before God calls us; we are thrown out and told we are useless which is the exact opposite of how we are seen by the Creator. He sees potential in every single creation and gives them the opportunity to shed their old self and be made into something new and wonderful! The Creator takes joy in seeing something broken being made new and has great love in His heart for each and every one!" (from our website)

We take unwanted secondhand items, and transform them into something beautiful! After two years, and both of us having our third babies, we have amassed a small stockpile of items for sale, and have set up a Facebook page in order to display and sell them, with a large portion of the proceeds going straight to Tiny Hands Int'l.  But of course, I couldn't help but highlight a few of my favorite pieces here on the blog!

One of the joys of working with re-claimed, usually vintage, clothing is all the buttons!  A lot of the buttons, although quite pretty, end up making the original garment look very dated, so we ended up looking for other uses for all the buttons we had left over.  They've shown up so far in necklaces, rings, and scarves, and I'm sure we'll keep finding uses for them!

There's also the repurposed clothing, some of which you might recognize, and some of which is new:

Original post HERE

Original post HERE
And of course, I have to highlight  a few of my favorite pieces out of all the amazing jewelry that Andrea has made!  If I had my way, that fringe necklace would be mine, but in the interest of fairness, I'll give ya'll the first chance to make it your own.

All of our sizes and prices are listed with the items on our Facebook page, so if you're interested, please click on over and check out what goodies we have to offer!  We're so excited to see what the future holds for Purposed, and hope you'll come along with us to find out!

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  1. This is super cool! Congrats! <3 Thanks for stopping by my blog, this week, too! I'll reply to your email! <3

    - Anna



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