Fair Trade Friday - All Ears

Well, we've made it through the week to another Friday!  To celebrate, how about some new ear candy?  I rounded up some earrings that are currently on my wish-list, and I'm sharing them with you!

Greenola Style Bolivian Stone Earrings

... I love these drop earrings from Greenola Style!  The chain-mail-esque feature of the chain complements the marbled qualities of the stone so well, and these would dress up any outfit instantly.

Greenola Style Lia Earrings
... I actually already own another style of earring from Greenola that includes this traditional woven fabric, but I wouldn't mind growing my collection a little bit more with these!

Mata Traders Chain of Events Earrings
... This earring from Mata Traders has a little of everything!  There's mixed chains and metals, plus the wrap-around style is so pretty!

Mata Traders Slow and Steady Studs
... Um, you guys.  It's TURTLES!!  I absolutely adore these cute little studs.  If you're not as obsessed with these reptiles as I am, there's also these elephant studs to choose from, or these adorable umbrellas (on sale for only $5)!

Starfish Project Adalyn Earrings
... Another thing I can't get enough of now?  Tassels.  These new earrings from Starfish Project are some of my favorites.  Please, when you visit their site, be sure to check out the rest of the new jewelry in their Winter line, named Meng Xiang: Dream.

Starfish Project Kendall Earrings
... Oh turquoise.  I just can't quit you.  You are my all-time favorite semi-precious stone, and I will always succumb to more jewelry with you in it.  Always and forever, love, Grace.

Are there any Fair Trade earrings you're currently crushing on?  Let me know in the comments!

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