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Well, it's been almost a whole week, and I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of the items I found last Saturday on my girls' nite/thrift trip.  To be fair, I am working around the schedules of two little buggers while big sis in in school.  So, with baby A snoozing on the bed and little A playing in the kitchen, I took the chance to get some photos so I could share my finds with you!

Now, on to the clothes!!

Merona wedges, $4
 I've been looking for a pair of simple, yet dressy, sandals for a while, so these had to go home with me!

Van Heusen (hand-knit!) sweater, $4
 The picture looks grey, but this is actually closer to the light blue that's been cropping up everywhere lately as a big color for Spring.  Plus, it's oh so cozy!

Merona top, NWT, $3.50
 Two more big trends for spring are apparently the color orange, and pleats.  The fact that this is a brand-new top is just an added bonus!

Wide-Leg pants, $4
 Um, they're leopard print.  And super comfy.  So, they're mine.

Boutique knit vest, $8
 I always look for extra layering pieces, and this was another brand-new item that I loved.

Tank, $3.50
 I'm a sucker for a good print, and this basic loose-fit tank will be perfect for this spring and summer.

Purple duster-length sweater, $4
 I'm still not used to being old enough to see trends repeat themselves, so it took me a while to warm up to the idea of dusters again.  But, the fab purple color helped me give this sweater a second look, plus it has a cool criss-crossed knit pattern in the back.

Embellished cardigan, $4
 I have one neutral colored embellished cardigan in my closet already that's starting to look a little threadbare, so this sweater will be replacing that one.

Button-front denim skirt, $4
 This was one of my items on my mental shopping list for this trip!  I also found a suede skirt, but it was too small, so it stayed behind.  I'm excited to work this skirt into my wardrobe soon!

Striped sweater, $4
 Like I said, I'm a sucker for a good Breton stripe.  I already had a couple striped tees, so this sweater can get added to the collection.

White slip, $2
This was another item I was specifically looking for, since I have a few light-colored dresses that just need another under-layer.  I was so glad I found one in my size!

I ended up only spending $45, which happened to be the amount I budgeted for this trip, so I was glad I stuck to my budget and didn't go too crazy! (Trust me, a lot of stuff got put back!)  Any favorites?   Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Your kids are sooooo cute! Seriously adorable!

    I love your thrifted finds too. I'm the same way about stripes; I have way too many, but can't ever resist the urge to buy more! Love the color of that duster too; it's gorgeous.


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