Thrifted Pinterest - Commitment-phobe

Today's outfit is inspired by two pins:
You ever see those trends that you kind of like, but just can't commit to?  That's how I feel about the return of denim skirts.  I like them, but it also brings back memories of ALLLL the denim mini skirts I wore in college, and I'm just not old enough to have a trend repeat itself already!  I do love the recent wave of colored denim skirts, such as black and white ones, so when I stumbled across a white denim skirt at Potter's House Thrift for $0.50 (seriously, guys, Thursdays at 9am, that's the only place to be!), it very quickly made it's way into my closet!

...goofy pic, but I *did* have a certain someone making faces at me through the window.

Outfit Details:
Green Shirt: thrifted, $4
Grey Shirt: free with referral credit to Schoola
Skirt: thrifted, $0.50
Shoes: TOMS, thrifted, $9 (get your own here)
Pink Necklace: via Premier Designs, gifted
Pearl Necklace: gifted
Grand Total: $13.50

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