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Reader, I have a question: if you're married, what was your "must-have" item when you worked up your wedding registry?   For some, it was matching towel sets or place settings.  For others, they preferred home decor.

For us, it was a tool set.  Since Daddy A and I had already lived on our own, but separate, before getting married, most of the usual essentials didn't apply.  We already had sheets and towels and plates, none of which matched of course, but we didn't mind!  But something we DID need was a set of tools for home projects, because for some reason neither of us owned a hammer before that!

I ask because I recently discovered an amazing site for all things wedding, that helps to put all the wedding registry bits and pieces all in one spot!  If anyone is getting ready to get married, Zola helps to keep all your planning and registries in one spot, with both traditional and not-so traditional options:

I circled two spots on the homepage to highlight, simply because highlighting all the aspects of the website would take up more blog space and time than I have today!  Between the option to put your entire registry to multiple stores in one spot, to their Free Wedding Website option, there's so much to explore (and I would recommend it!).

The two more "non-traditional" options that are available to register for are the Experiences and Funds tabs that I circled.  Like I said, a lot of couples may already have home goods such as plates, towels, and sheets, but having the option to ask for experiences to enjoy with your new spouse, such as an airbnb gift card or a professionally made wedding album are some amazing options for newlyweds!

Right along with that is the availability to register for Honeymoon Cash Funds.  Sometimes, the question still comes up, "is it tacky to ask for money?"   But I still remember what it was like to be young, broke, and in love (not too hard to remember if you're still there, amirite!!), and having the availability to register for the added income to enjoy a stress-free honeymoon period is a great resource!

If you're the friends and family of an engaged couple, or the happy couple themselves, please feel free to check out all the amenities that Zola offers to organize and streamline the wedding registry process!  You'll be glad you did!

What "non-traditional" wedding ideas would you like to share with any engaged readers?  Please, share your expertise in the comments!

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