OOTD - Keep it Inside

Can I vent for a minute?  This weekend was AMAZING weather.  I mean, we sent the kids outside, went to the park, and I even managed to get away with short sleeves outside yesterday.

TODAY, on the other hand?  It's freezing.  Not even in a figurative sense either, like literally little white balls of frozen stuff are falling from the sky.  So, even though I'd love to take advantage of the amazing lighting that comes from a cloudy day (really, it's like a natural filter), I'm going to skip that and just post some indoor pictures instead.  Because, you know, cold.

excuse the derp....
Outfit Details:
Top: thrifted, $3
Vest: Chico's, thrifted, $5
Skirt: DIY'ed from thrifted dress, $5
Shoes: thrifted, $10
Pearl Necklace: thrifted, $1
Gold Necklace: DIY, $2 for materials
Grand Total: $26

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