Monday Meal Plan - Week of January 29th

Another workweek, another meal plan!  I kept things pretty simple this week, and am improvising a few meals, like this "microwave omelette" set-up I've got going on:

Basically, that's two eggs cushioned with a paper towel in a baggie, with some tomatoes, cheese, and lunch meat to mix in.  Crack the eggs, mix in the extras and microwave for 2 minutes, and voila!  Omelette in a cup.

This week has a few new recipes, and a few tried and true from previous weeks.  Always bear in mind too, there may be extras that didn't make it onto this week's grocery list because they're pantry staples in my house.  Things like:

red and white wine vinegar
taco seasoning
pita bread

tend to always be on hand, so a lot of the recipes I use will draw on those items.  Here's this weeks printable list, and feel free to add in anything you need with the blank spaces to make it work for you!

And here's this weeks' meal plan, with recipe links as needed:

Monday, Jan 29
B: Microwave Omelette
L: Mini BBQ Meatloaf and Brown Sugar Carrots
Snack: Baked Apples

Tuesday, Jan 30
B: Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with baked apples
L: BBQ Meatloaf and Carrots
Snack: popcorn (this type is my current favorite!)

Wednesday, Jan 31
B: Greek Yogurt
L: Chicken Gyro (1/2 the recipe)
Snack: Baked Apples

Thursday, Feb 1
B: Oatmeal and Apples
L: Chicken Gyro
Snack: popcorn

Friday, Feb 2
B: Greek Yogurt
L: Chicken Tortilla Soup (1/2 the recipe)
Snack: Baked Apples

And that's it for all the meals I prepped this week for work!  Tune in later this week for more outfit photos, as well as a Feature Friday post coming up at the end of the week.

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