Thrifted Pinterest - Creative License

I'm taking a little creative license with today's outfit inspiration (I'm allowed to to that, it's my blog, so there!).   I ran across this pin and fell absolutely in LOVE with the skirt.  Man, oh, man how I love that skirt!  I could just see it hanging in amongst the other members of my imaginary closet (stuffed full of Lanvin and Alice+Olivia, of course).  It being close to $700, however, means that it will always be simply to be looked at, not purchased by me.
It reminded me of another skirt I had made with a similar fabric, just on a smaller scale.  The colors were similar, although maybe not as vibrant, and there was the same graphic element in the print.  Plus, since I already had the fabric on hand, the skirt didn't cost me a dime!

So, I paired that skirt with a plain tee and layered necklace, threw on some wedges, and was good to go!

Outfit Details:
Navy Tee: Gap, $5 (clearance)
Skirt: DIY, tutorials here (the ruffle I kinda figured out on my own...)
Shoes: Target, $7 (clearance)
Necklace: Body Central, $4
Various Bracelets: Icing by Claire's, $5 for all (old)

Grand Total: $21

What clothes have been hanging in your imaginary closet lately?


  1. Ooh, I'm loving that skirt! I wish I had some sewing talent because I would love to attempt DIY projects like this one. My imaginary closet is bursting at the seams with summer shoes, fluttery skirts, and sweet summer dresses with lace overlay... not that I think about it all the time or anything!

  2. Grace that outfit looks amazing on you! xoxo-Hannah


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