Fair Trade Friday - For the Kiddo's

Well, like I said last week, Christmas is coming.  That means a lot of things: too much food, good times with family, and last-minute shopping for presents.  So I thought, to make your last-minute shopping a little less stressful, I'd offer up some fair trade and ethically produced products I found that are on my wishlist over the next few weeks.  This week, I'd like to share some gifts for the kids.

First up are these adorable little monster dolls, hand knit by women in Peru for Global Goods Partners.

The site advertises these little critters as a "fair trade alternative to the popular 'Ugly Dolls,'" but there's nothing ugly about these guys!  They're soft and cuddly and so stinkin' cute!  

Now I may not be a good cook, but that doesn't keep me from trying, and lately Lexi has started showing some interest in what goes into making a meal.  This next gift would be perfect for a mother and daughter to use while dabbling together in the culinary arts.

Ok, seriously?  I want these.  These little mother-daughter matching aprons, from 12 Small Things, are so precious!  They're super stylish, and the colors and prints are just simply amazing.  I've never had such a desire for cute aprons until seeing these.

This last item isn't necessarily a fair trade item, but it does touch on another subject near and dear to myself and our family: adoption.  This Etsy shop, called Sewing for Adoptions, is run by a mother who sells these beautiful floor pillow covers to help defray the costs of both her son and niece's upcoming international adoptions.  What a great way to both help her family and change a child's life!

This pillow is my favorite, but there's a ton more patterns available as well!

Blue Polka Dot Floor Pillow Cover
A couple of those in a kiddo's room, and you'd have a great little pop of color and pattern for a reading nook or game corner.  Ugh, I want!

Hope these give you a few ideas for any little ones you may be shopping for.  Be sure to check back next week, where I'll be talking about some gifts for my 'bestie!'

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