Mango Clementine Green Tea

 You guys, I love free stuff.  I especially love free stuff that involves hot beverages in winter.  So, when my dad dropped off a box of this awesome tea, I was pretty excited to try it.

That, my friends, is St. Dalfour Organic Golden Mango Green Tea (available here if you'd like to get your hands on some too).  It's pretty awesome just on its own, but I wanted to fancy it up just a little more.   So, I assembled my ingredients:

We've got: six Cutie clementines, the tea (I used 5 bags for this), honey, and a cup for hot tea, a pitcher for iced tea, and a teapot full of water.

First, you want to boil your water.

While that sucker's heating up, you want to slice your clementines.  I sliced them pretty thick, about 3 slices per orange, and discarded the ends.

Then, I put two slices into my mug for the hot tea, along with one teabag.  I put the rest of the orange slices and four tea bags into the pitcher.

I then added the boiling water to the mug and pitcher, filling the pitcher about 2/3 full.  I let the mug for the hot tea brew about one and a half minutes, and the pitcher of tea brewed for around 4 minutes.  Little tip for the day: when your tea is done brewing, don't squeeze the teabag when you take it out.  That's how you can avoid that bitter taste some teas can get.

Now, you add the honey. I pretty much eyeballed the amount I put in, but I'd estimate about 1 Tablespoon for the hot tea, and 1/8 of a cup for the iced.

 I filled up the pitcher of iced tea up to the top with ice, stuck it in the fridge, then sat back and enjoyed my mug of fruity yummyness.  And, for the next couple days, I was able to enjoy the yummy iced tea whenever I  felt like it.  Just remember to stir up the pitcher first, to mix the clementine flavor throughout the whole thing!

Overall, I'm giving this drink four out of four sporks!  It was delicious!

What's your favorite cold weather drink?

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