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OMG, it's been like for-e-ver since I last posted!  I promise we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, life's just been kinda busy lately!  I figured I'd give ya'll a little recap of everything going on in our life so far.

Baby A:

Little man is growing like a weed.  He's also developed quite the personality, as evidenced here:

I'm loving having another baby in the house!  It's been so fun seeing this little guy develop and grow. I can already tell what a friendly and active little guy he's going to be!  As soon as he's awake (and not hungry or constipated... hey, it happens), he's nothing but smiles and wiggles.  I must've done something good in life to deserve a kid as cute as him! ;)  And speaking of cute:

Little A

This girl.  She just cracks me up!  She's in the typical two-year old stage of 'I do it myself' (with EVERYTHING, aaarrrrghhhh!), she has decided to be a tiny vegetarian for the moment, and she basically copies everything big sister does as she flounces around the house in a tutu.  She's just the best.

Big A

I just went last week to drop off paperwork and register this girl for KINDERGARTEN! *sniff sniff*  I'm already hoarding the kleenex that I know I'm going to need this fall when she actually starts going to school.  It's going to be harder for me than her, I'm sure.  She's already so outgoing that being in a classroom with a bunch of other potential friends is going to be heaven for her!  I'm having a hard time believing that the kid that first made me a mother is going to be five, since it feels like I had her like 6 months ago.  That's just one of those mama conundrums though; I feel like I just got her, and that I've had her forever.  *sniff* Now, where are those kleenex?


Kindergarten isn't the only change on the horizon.  We're about to move into a new place in the next month or so!  The rent on our current home is about to raise a bit above our budget, so we're looking at moving into a more cost-effective home.  So, if you notice that my photo background changes next month, that's why!  In the meantime, I'm going through a major purge so we don't have to move as much stuff, and my 365 days of stuff challenge may be moved up a bit!  Speaking of which, I promised ya'll updates, so here's what I've gotten rid of so far this year:

2 packs of too small diapers, an unused baby blanket, and two boxes of too-small clothes

I reorganized my beauty products on a snow day, threw out the expired and unused ones, and repurposed the old caddy for cleaning supplies

This was the big one!  I cleaned out my closet, which translated into 4 boxes of clothes and one box of shoes and purses.  

And, from my first trip to donate, there's cups, books, puzzles, and a basket that all made their way out of our house!

The final big change that I'm embarking on is a personal one, regarding taking charge of my health and eating habits.  I'm starting a new way of eating called Trim Healthy Mama.

Link to buy via Amazon
I can honestly say, this is the first time I've actually been excited about starting a 'diet.'  Part of the reason is this isn't really a diet, but just a new way of picking healthy foods.  I've realized recently that I've been making some poor choices when it comes to my eating, and it shows.  And I'm not talking about my weight, either.  My mood swings, fatigue, and general lack of excitement have been a big factor lately, and are not helped in the least by my steady diet of convenience foods and general "I'm allergic to excercise" mindset. with the occasional salad thrown in when I feel guilty about the massive amounts of Oreos I've consumed.  If I stick to this plan, which is really well explained in this blog post, and don't end up losing any weight, I'll still consider it a success, simply because I'll be weaning myself off of a diet of refined sugar and reliance on pre-package food with the help of a Biblically sound eating plan.  Plus, I still get to enjoy awesome desserts like this Lemon Butter Cake with Lemon Ginger Cream Cheese frosting.  And who wouldn't want that?

All in all. we're in a season of change here in the Holt house, and it's gonna be great.  Although, I'm not convinced anything could be as great as this little clip of cuteness:

I should get back into a more regular posting schedule once the moving craziness is over and done with!  If you'd like to know what's going on in our house in the meantime, your best bet is probably my Instagram (where all the pics from this post were found, btw.)  Until next time!

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