Weekend Shopping Trip!

Well, apparently Goodwill is having a HUGE anniversary sale, and didn't tell me about it.  (RUDE)  I'm totally kidding, ya'll.  But, seriously, Big A and I were out running errands yesterday and I decided to just *stop by* Goodwill on the way home.  And then I saw this:

YA'LL!  My poor child had to follow me around as I frantically scoured the racks for these amazing 90 cent deals, as I continuously went, "okay, almost done, OH WAIT I DIDN'T LOOK AT DRESSES YET!"  Eventually, much to my oldest child's relief, I headed home with these finds:

Okay, okay, the kid wasn't part of my purchase, he's worth A LOT more than 90 cents!  He did insist on 'helping' with my photos though, so you'll keep seeing bits and pieces of him.

Super-fun Tassel Scarf!

LOFT lace sweatshirt

...puppy not included, let's try this again!

Old Navy Silk Tee

boutique brand boho top

Blu Pepper brand tunic

NWT H&M dress (originally $35!!)

...toddler toes added for scale.

All this, plus a couple pairs of shorts for the kiddo's, added up to the extravagant total of $10.50!  I'll have to stop by next week to see if there's anything left in this week's color.  Be sure to check with your local Goodwill and see if they're participating in this anniversary sale, you never know what treasures you might stumble across!

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