Thrifted Pinterest - I Got it from Rihanna

Sometimes, certain items just call to you... Graaacceee, buyyy meeeeee, ooooooooohhhhh  That's the true story of what happened with the pearl choker I recently found at a local thrift store.  Of course, then I got it home and had to search the interwebs for some styling inspiration.  And pop princess Rihanna happened to give me a little idea for layering that I had to pick up on:

I also wanted to share these photos today, in the spirit of solidarity with the SNOW that we're expecting this weekend!  It's only fitting to pull out some photos of a winter outfit in the beginning of March, right?

Oh, and did you notice my little 'helper' for the day?  He's such a little ham for the camera, and basically won't leave me alone if I'm going to take pictures.  But really, who's complaining?

Outfit Details:
Jacket: thrifted, $8
Jeans: thrifted, $5
Top: thrifted, $2
Boots: Steve Madden, thrifted, $15
Pearl Choker: thrifted, $1
Gold Necklace: DIY, $1 for materials
Grand Total: $32

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