OOTD - Mad Props, Yo

I have to say, as much as I can appreciate a good car, I never expected to enjoy working at a car dealership as much as I have been!  One of the fun parts is seeing all the new inventory as it comes in, and of course I have to use anything possible as a prop in my photos!  I had a lot of fun with a couple of my work outfits, as I wandered around looking for good photo backdrops to use.  I'm just glad I have awesome co-workers that willingly help with photos when I need it!  I already get funny looks when taking photos, the last thing I'd need would be to tote around my tripod everywhere!

Outfit 1 Details:
Top: thrifted, $1
Pink Top: Target, $3 (clearance)
Skirt: thrifted, Talbot's, $2
Shoes: Payless Shoesource, $15
Pearl Choker: thrifted, $1
Gold Necklace, DIY, $2 for materials
Grand Total: $24

I'm also really glad I have a boss that doesn't fire me when I "steal" his cheesecake (just for a prop, of course!) and seat...  Kind of lucked out in that department.

I decided one of our new trucks was a better fit for photos:

Outfit 2 Details:
Top: thrifted, $3
Bomber: thrifted, $4
Pants: Sam's Club (of all places!), $18
Mules: thrifted, $2
Earrings: local mall store, $3
Grand Total: $30

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