Monday Meal Plan - Week of Feb. 5th

Just a quick post this week, along with quick meal ideas!  I tried to keep costs down as much as possible this week, so I used a lot of the same ingredients in all the dishes.  This helped a LOT with the grocery bill, since I have some other hobbies that I wanted to spend some dollarino's on instead this week.  I also cut down on the snacks, since I've found I haven't been getting hungry in the late afternoons lately, so I'll just wait for dinner or snag some popcorn from work.  This also makes for a super short grocery list:

And here's the plan for this week:

Monday, 2/5:
B: Hashbrown 'Waffles' (make 2, pack 1)topped with sour cream (we have a toaster oven at work, so I can reheat in the microwave, then toast it up to keep the crunchy texture.)
L: Spinach salad with chickpeas, shredded cheese, hardboiled eggs, and tomatoes, with on-hand dressing

Tuesday, 2/6:
B: remaining Hashbrown waffles and sour cream
L: Roast Beef and Spinach wraps, make 4, pack 2 (made with flavored cream cheese and add provolone), with Ranch Roasted Chickpeas

Wednesday, 2/7:
B: Greek Yogurt
L: Philly Stuffed Peppers (pack 1/2 recipe), with creamed spinach and mushrooms (no recipe, just saute remaining spinach and mushrooms with garlic and butter, then mix in remaining cream cheese)

Thursday, 2/8:
B: Microwave Omelette (see last week's menu)
L: remaining Roast Beef Wraps and roasted chickpeas

Friday, 2/9:
B: Greek Yogurt
L: remaining Stuffed Peppers and creamed spinach

And that's it, another week of prep done!

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