Fair Trade Friday - Spring Picks

It's almost Spring, everyone!  I'm so excited to welcome warmer temperatures and sunny days.  I'm ready to start breaking out some of my dresses and skirts, and blinding the world with my sun-deprived legs in the process!  I'm especially ready to start enjoying our backyard again, and letting the girls soak in the fresh air and birdsongs that can be enjoyed out there!

In honor of this new season that is fast approaching, I thought I'd share a few fair trade accessories from companies I've already shared that I'm currently crushing on for Spring.

I LOVE this necklace from Mata Traders!  It's a beautiful statement piece, and it would pair so well with all the lighter colors I'm sure we'll start seeing as the temperatures begin to rise.  It would take a simple white button-down and cotton skirt to a whole other level!  Kinda like these:

In honor of Valentine's day (which has already come and gone), Sseko Designs introduced a new collection of straps for their sandals, along with a new tie that's just adorable.  This collection also includes a pair of gold straps, for just a touch of shimmer.  I just love the little pop of red paired with the floral pattern on these sandals.  They would match this necklace perfectly:

This necklace is also from Mata Traders, and I am officially in L-O-V-E, love!

I also absolutely adore this scarf.  The color and pattern are beautiful, and I always admire JOYN's handiwork in their products.  JOYN's products are not available online, but you can always check the list on their website to see if there's a store near you that carries their accessories.

What accessories are currently on your Spring wishlist?

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