OOTD - ...and one more thing!

One thing that I've benefited from by taking pictures of my outfits is seeing how it actually looks, so I can throw together items I know will work together.  I mean, I have a mirror, but taking photos actually helps me to see how an outfit actually works, and also what could be tweaked to make it better.  Take this outfit for example:

I had fun getting this outfit together, from a different shade of lipstick and nail polish, to parting my hair on a different side.  And really, the different elements work on an individual scale, but they just don't have enough impact for me to be a really good outfit.

SO, I figured I'd share with you guys how I tweaked this outfit to work just a little better.  I'm a firm believer in having good accessories.  They're a little more inexpensive than clothing, and really help change the impression that the ensemble can give.

First up, I changed the boots.

Then, I added a scarf.

For another option, I picked out a sweater and cuffed my sleeves.

Since the baby was sleeping, I even had time to play with my nails, with my little audience of course!

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Gap, thrifted, $2
Jeans: Wal-Mart, $20
Grey Boots: gifted
Necklace: gift from China
Earrings: $2, Icing by Claire's
Grand Total: $24
Black Boots: $15, NYC Style
Legwarmers: DIY'd from old sweater
Scarf: $5, Mall Kiosk
Total: $44
Sweater: Gap Outlet, $11
Total: $50

What's your favorite accessory to amp up your outfits?

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