Dressember - Days 11 and 12

Well, I'm sitting here munching on some *delicious* white chocolate drizzled popcorn from a sweet friend's baby shower, and I just realized something: I promised you guys a DIY last week!  Unfortunately, you're going to have to keep holding your breath (I know that's exactly what you've been doing....), since I just managed to make it to the store yesterday to get the supplies I needed to finish the dress!  It still looks like this outside, by the way:

Yes, that IS ice all over my street...
So, I've decided to just share a few more outfit photos from the past few days (the days that I actually left the house...)

First, a little shot of color for a snowy white day:

Why hello, cutie!

Outfit 1 Details:
Dress: DIY, from materials on hand
Sweater: thrifted, $2
Belt: gifted
Necklace: free via clothing swap
Earrings: $1 Jewelry store
Tights: Sears, $5
Boots: Target, $38

Grand Total: $46

Next, my baby shower attending attire (I had to take the photos indoors, since I didn't manage to get dressed until it was dark), as well as a certain little 'kitty' that made her way into my photos:


Outfit 2 Details:
Dress: via Plato's Closet resale, $6
Sweatshirt: via Plato's Closet resale, $6
Necklace: via Plato's Closet resale, $3
Tights: Sears, $5
Boots: Target, $38
Headband: don't recall (old)
Ring: Icing by Claire's, $2 (old)

Grand Total: $60

If you'd like more information about why I'm wearing a month of dresses, check out Dressember's website, and be sure to read up on the awesome work International Justice Mission is doing, and feel free to support them through my personal fundraising page.  

Oh, and just because I can, here's some cute videos of my kids:

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