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As I've mentioned before, having a nursing baby presents a sartorial dilemma.  You've just had a baby, which means it'll probably take a while before you can fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, but you don't want to spend all your time in sweatpants (as comfortable as they are)!  It would be so easy to just slip into a dress that skips the whole pinching waistband problem that pants provide, but then how are you going to feed that baby without flashing your undergarments at everyone?

The solution? Easy access dresses, i.e. dresses that allow for nursing, don't scream "I'm a milk machine," and can still be worn long after you've stopped breastfeeding that baby.  It's a super plus if they'd really be cute for anyone, whether you're a mama or not.  So I scoured the internets, just for you, to share a couple of Fair Trade options!

First up is this adorable little frilly number from Mata Traders:

'For the Frill of It' in black
That overlapped neckline would be perfect for a nursing mama, plus the elasticized waistband and ladylike shape is super flattering for a post-baby bod.  And that black and white floral print?  Adorable.  And as if that weren't enough?  It's currently on sale, has pockets, and also comes in red.

Another option is this classic wrap dress from Indigenous Designs:

Black Wrap Dress
I actually already own two wrap dresses, one of which is extremely similar to the one pictured, so I can testify to the versatility and general ease to wearing one!  This is a piece that you could invest in, and wear for literally years to come. It's made by Fair Trade artisans in Peru, and is constructed from organic cotton.  It also comes in a beautiful shade of blue, and an equally classic white.  Plus, if you sign up for Indigenous' e-mail newsletter, you'll get a coupon for 15% off your purchase!  (There's also some great faux wrap options out there, from Mata Traders, Free People, and this beautiful and dramatic choice from Frock LA.)

The last lovely option I chose was this great shirtdress from People Tree via Modavanti:

Rachel Dove Dress
I mean, could you get any cuter?  It's a classic silhouette, with its collar and nipped-in waist, but it's such a rich, saturated blue, covered with tiny birds!  The button-down placket is perfect for breastfeeding or pumping, while still keeping you covered where you'd like to be.  In addition to that, it's made by artisans in India from organic and naturally dyed cotton.

That does it for my round-up of nursing friendly dresses!  Is there anything you'd like to see featured on Fair Trade Friday?  Baby stuff?  Fair Trade jewelry under $20?  The sky's the limit!  Just let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to track down the best ethically made options for you!

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  1. That last dress is fabulous! I absolutely love it and I'm not even breastfeeding!


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