OOTD - White Hot Collar

If you guys remember my outfit post from last week, then you know I might have gotten a little hot under the collar about a certain 'do not wear' list.  A friend of mine told me after reading, "I hope I don't end up making you mad, I don't want to be on your bad side!"  I somehow doubt that would happen, and even if, I'd hope I'd be a bit less passive aggressive about that than putting a blog post on the internet about it! :-P

This week, my "Over 30 Don't" wear item is a short dress.  Now, this dress isn't *that* short.  I do have a few I've put on where my hubby looks at me and asks if I forgot pants, but this isn't one of them!  But, even if it was, I would think I have the right to wear it, regardless of age.  Don'tcha think? (also, little tip: I wear bike shorts under all my dresses and skirts.  I happened across a few pairs on a clearance rack for $1 a piece, and they're perfect for avoiding *ahem* embarassing situations.)

Outfit Details:
Dress: DIY, $8.25 for materials (tutorial here)
White Shirt: thrifted, $0.50
Belt: DIY
Necklace: thrifted, $6
Shoes: thrifted, $7
Grand Total: $21.75

If you'd like to join me on this summer quest to wear whatever you want, regardless of all the 'don't' lists out there, post your pics to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #mystubbornstyle.


  1. I went back and read the original post. I'm over 40. I still wear dresses above the knee, platform flip flops, and I'll always wear hoop earrings (great jewelry for any face shape). I also keep tennis shoes/sneakers in the car in case of impromptu playground outings with my children. And I wear really short dresses over jeans - love that look. On with your stubborn style!

    1. You're awesome! Seriously, who decided that women over 30 aren't allowed to show their knees? Completely ridiculous! :)


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