Feature Friday - Daydreaming with Arhaus

So, I guess I've finally hit grown-up status.  If having three kiddos and being in my thirties wasn't proof enough, I'm also right in the thick of researching mortgage options.  Woo hoo.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the actual path to potentially being a homeowner, but all the numbers and percentages and interest rates and underwriting fees (whatever those are!) make my head spin!  So when I was approached by Arhaus to collaborate on designing my Dream Dressing Room, I got super excited for the welcome excuse for a brain break!  One of the many factors that have come into play as we're looking at potential homes has been the amount of closet and storage space available for the 5 humans that will be residing there!  The kids' stuff might not take up too much space now (who am I kidding, there's toys everywhere), but eventually I will have TEENAGERS, one of whom's current favorite game is dress-up.  You can only guess what the future will hold there!

Of course, even if it doesn't actually ever happen, it's fun to dream of having my very own private space and dressing room to prepare for each day.  So, I turned to my trusty Pinterest for inspiration photos, and did some virtual shopping with Arhaus in the process!

Besides wanting to have an extensive shoe wall (obviously!), another great style detail I'd love to include would be a space to hang my jewelry so coordinating my accessories to my clothes would be that much easier.  (Arhaus does also boast an in-house jewelry line, so a few baubles from them to add to the collection would be awesome!)  Plus, a full length mirror would be an added bonus!

Arhaus Grand Chester Hook Mirror

Arhaus Carved Mirror
Another great design detail is space to store and organize all the little baubles and bits that go along with a wardrobe, as well as seating (to try on all the shoes from the shoe wall, of course!), like in this inspiration photo:

Fairly sure these baskets and trays would fill in that need quite nicely, plus I threw in a plush gorgeous chair for good measure!

Arhaus Three Tier Storage Basket

Arhaus Lines Small Tray
Kenley Leather Chair in Ghost Sky
I think the biggest item that I would love to see in my imaginary dressing room would be a vanity!

Having a well-lit, comfy area to "put on my war paint" each morning would be an AMAZING bonus for any dressing room, and the elements of a pretty desk with storage, a mirror, and good lighting would be just about perfect.

Arhaus Isla Mirrored Writing Desk
Arhaus Desk Lamp
Felicity Lattice Mirror

Dreaming about my own lush space to dress and ready myself for each day is a super-fun pastime, and I can't wait until we have our own non-rented space to decorate and arrange, and probably blog about!  (if I survive the mortgage headache, of course...)  If you're looking for your own design inspiration, be sure to check out Arhaus, and be sure to take advantage of their sitewide sale with up to 40% off if there's anything you love!  You can also check them out on Pinterest and Instagram for added inspiration.

(FYI: all photos are not my own, and are either inspiration pieces from Pinterest or the Arhaus website.  This was a collaborative piece and not paid, all opinions are my own.)

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