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If anyone was wondering, the car business in the summertime is CRAZY!!  I've barely had time to catch my breath, much less taken the time to take any photos.  I'll try to make up for it by a two-fer of outfit posts today.  Apparently I've been subconsciously influenced by the uptick of neutral black and white fashion that's been on the radar lately (like the opening of the most recent Proenza Schouler show), and ended up going (mostly) monochromatic not once, but twice this weekend!  So it only makes sense to post both outfits together.

Outfit One:

Outfit Details:
Shirt: thrifted, $0.50
Dress: thrifted, $0.50
Necklace: secondhand via Beautiful Lives Boutique, $3
Shoes: Born, thrifted, $4
Earrings: handmade gift
Grand Total: $8

Outfit 2:

my hair got in on the 'white' accents as well :-D

Outfit Details:
Top: thrifted, $0.50
Skirt: thrifted, $4
Necklace: thrifted, $5
Shoes: thrifted, $4
Bracelets: via various clothing swaps, free
Earrings: DIY'ed from earrings I already owned, free
Grand Total: $13.50

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