OOTD - Lighten the Mood

I promised ya'll a change in hair color, right?  It's just a *little* lighter....

Yeah, our office got the go-ahead for our boss to have fun with hair colors (apparently there's nothing in the employee handbook?  That's one of the many advantages of working for a family owned business!)  So, I decided pink and rosy gold were the first of many, many hair colors to come.  It's the perfect topper to the Hog inspired wear I actually WAS encouraged to wear at work on Fridays.  Gotta show some pride for the Razorbacks somehow.

Outfit Details:
Tee: Wal-Mart, $2 (clearance)
Skirt: DIY'ed from thrifted materials, $2
Shoes: thrifted, DIY laces, $6
Choker: Wal-Mart, $2 (clearance)
Gold Necklace: DIY'ed, $2 for materials
Earrings: thrifted, $2
Grand Total: $16

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