OOTD - Playing Catch-Up

 So, this outfit is so NOT what I wore today, and to be honest, it's actually been a while since I did wear it!  But, I've had a super busy couple weeks, with work, craft fairs, and that little thing called life.  So, I dug into the archives and found all the outfit photos that I haven't gotten around to posting, so I hope ya'll are ready for a whole string of outfit posts... I'll be posting an archived outfit a day until I run out, and then hopefully I'll get caught up (at least in one area of my life...)!

Outfit Details: 
Top: gifted
Skirt: thrifted, DIY alterations, $4
Zebra Necklace: DIY
Heart Necklace: gifted
Earrings: gifted

Shoes: thrifted, $3
Grand Total: $7

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