Fair Trade Friday - Greenola

You guys, I never win stuff.  Like, any giveaway I enter, I never win. Ever.  But then, the lovely Dominique from Let's Be Fair decided to host a giveaway for the cutest earrings, and I decided I hadn't given up on giveaways just yet.  And guess what?

Greenola Mavia Earring
 I won!  But I also have gotten the chance to learn about the company that provided the earrings, Greenola.  Not only do they employ 55 women in Bolivia and pay them a liveable wage, but they are also partnered with Solidarity Bridge to provide emergency healthcare to their artisans in a country where 63 percent of the population have little to no access to medical resources.  Plus, you even get a handwritten thank you note for your order.  It seems insignificant, but I love companies that actually take the time to appreciate their customers in a personal way.

And the bonus to all this?  Everything on Greenola's site is super cute!  I won't really add a lot of commentary, I'll just let the clothes speak for themselves.

Greenola Sofia Glass Posts made with recycled glass

Greenola Barcelona Shirt Dress
Greenola Freya:Reina Acai Necklace
Greenola Bordeaux Skater Dress
Greenola Geneva Button Down
Seriously, don't you just want all of them?  Many thanks to Let's Be Fair for hosting the giveaway, and introducing me to another amazing company!

If you want to see how I styled these earrings, be sure to check back on Monday for pictures of the rest of the outfit!

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