Kidlet Style - Girlie Girls

One of my girls' favorite places is their Gramma and Poppop's house, so we headed over there a few days ago for a little summer fun.  I'm pretty sure they enjoyed themselves.


There's only one baby allowed in this house!

I think she's about done for today....
And what got her all tuckered out?  Here's a guess:

Outfit Details for Big A:
Dress: Xhiliaration, $4.50
Shoes: M.I.A., $5.50

Outfit Details for Little A:
Dress: Genuine Kids, $1.00 (clearance)

Grand Total: $11

The Dollar Clearance sale has officially started up at our local Once Upon a Child, so come in and take advantage of the great deals.  I mean, come on, it's all a dollar!!

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