Fair Trade Friday - Writer's Block

Well, today I was going to share a post on behalf of WorldHelp, but apparently I used up all of my creative juices on yesterday's post!  That one will have to be written next week.  I'm going to take the lazy way out today, and just share some links to some Fair Trade companies I'm lovin' right now (get it?  because today's Valentine's day and it's a day to celebrate love and so I love these companies and I'm just going to stop talking now.....).

Johari Creations - lovely products, even lovelier founders!  I stumbled across Lindsay's blog, Light Breaks Forth, a little while ago, and loved hearing about her saga towards adopting one of the most beautiful little girls, and her passion for Christ and telling the world about him.  They've got a great selection of jewelry, including some really fun stuff for the kiddos!

Krochet Kids - I've seen this company before on Pinterest and a couple other blogs, and loved their products, but never purchased anything.  Then, this Christmas, my bro-in-law got me one of their beanies, and not only is it pretty, but it's also incredibly soft and cushy (that's a word, right...?)  Beanies are having a fashion moment right now, so if you're going to invest in one, why not one that helps others?

TOMS - So, this is not a new company.  You've probably heard about them, like, a lot.  But did you know that they've started an online Marketplace that's kind of a one-stop-shop for all types of social entrepreneurships (read: companies that do good), including some great offerings from JOYN.  Plus, over the weekend, Feb. 14-17, TOMS is offering 17.32% off and free shipping on all orders over $65 in honor of President's day, specifically George Washington's birthday in 1732.

JOYN - Speaking of JOYN, since you know how much I love them, they're having a winter sale that takes 30% off of their beautiful products.  Check it out.  Like, now.

Let's Be Fair - I discover a very large portion of Fair Trade companies through Dominique's blog, and I always appreciate the work she does in spreading the word about these amazing companies!

What are some of your favorite 'social entrepreneurships' you've discovered?  Let me know in the comments!!

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