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Have you guys seen "The Blind Side?"  It's an amazing movie, based on an even more amazing family.  It's one where if I'm going to watch it, no matter how many times, I know I'll need the box of kleenex right next to me because I'm inevitably going to need it!  There's one scene in particular that I can't watch without bawling like a baby, not because I'm worried about the outcome of the movie, but because it's about a situation that's just too real in lives all over the world.  The scene is where Michael, a boy in high school that's homeless, is moving into the Tuohy's home, and he pauses in the doorway of the room where he's going to sleep.  Leigh Anne Tuohy, the wife and mother of the family (and also one of the coolest people around.  Really.), asks him what's wrong.  He replies, "I've never had one before."  "What, a room to yourself?"  "No," he answers (and at this point I'm bawling), "a bed."

There's a reason this movie won an Oscar and received such critical acclaim.  It shows a type of love and caring for other people that is missing in so many parts of our world.  The scene I quoted highlights another, very saddening fact: there are children that don't have a home or a bed to sleep in.  There are babies that are abandoned at birth.  There are other children around the world that may have loving parents that were just too destitute to care for another hungry mouth.  As a mother, the idea that I would ever have to choose between giving up my children or watching them starve is one that I can't fathom.  It makes my stomach turn and my hands shake.  There are parts of the world where even if a child is able to stay with it's parent, it's physical and mental health might be irreparably stunted due to poor nutrition and medical care.  (There's an infographic on Upworthy about this that breaks down the different areas that stunting affects.)

Today is World Day of Social Justice according to the UN, and I can tell you, children without food, shelter, or medical care is not justice.  The fact that "approximately 11 million children live in the dirty, dangerous streets of the Ugandan slums near Kampala, Uganda, [...] that are desperate for help and have little hope for survival" (quote courtesy of WorldHelp) is not justice.

There are people bringing hope to children like these.  I've had the privilege for a while of blogging for WorldHelp, and bringing you guys, my readers, a chance to help as well!  WorldHelp is currently working on fundraising for an incredible project: a Baby Rescue Center, with group homes that can house and care for 10 children each.  Right now, there are three Rescue Homes that are funded that will provide food, shelter, and medical care for 30 abandoned babies and children.  WorldHelp wants to go farther.  They're currently in the process of funding the construction of a fourth Rescue Home, a space that can house 10 more children.  That's 10 more lives changed, 10 more babies that will be rescued, 10 more humans that will be shown love that they might never have experienced otherwise.

Plus, there are items available for sale that help support this project!  You know how much I love shopping that does good, and there's a necklace, tee shirt, and baby onesie that you can purchase to help fund this project, down at the bottom of the campaign page.  Or, if you just don't need another thing in your home, there's always the option to support this project through a financial gift.  Just click the image below, and you'll be taken to the campaign page with all the information you'll need!

Please, please consider changing these kids' lives.  I know sometimes it seems like there's a new program or campaign asking for your money every other day, but if these houses don't get funds, these kids won't be helped.  They'll live life on the street, probably sick and malnourished.  And I don't want you to think I'm trying to do the whole "you should feel guilty and horrible because you don't want to give your money away" trick.  I just want you to have a chance to be a part of changing lives.  Be a part of justice and give needy kids a home.

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