Kidlet Style - Smiles for Miles

Today seems like a good day to share kid pictures, dontcha think?  The girls have only made occasional appearances on the blog lately, so they deserve a post all their own.  They already own my heart, but with these smiling faces, could you blame me?

You think they make these in my size?

Outfit Details (Big A):
Shirt: Garanimals, $1.50
Pants: Jumping Beans, $1.50
Jacket: handed down
Shoes: Converse, $6.50

Outfit Details: (Little A):
Jammies: Carter's, $4.50

Grand Total: $14

All brands and prices listed are from our local Once Upon A Child.  If you want to clothe your kiddo in gently used name brand duds while keeping extra money in your wallet, it's the place to go.  They also have toys and equipment, at about half the cost of brand new!  Stop by sometime and see me!

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