Helpful FYI of The Day: ThredUP

So, my niece is pretty awesome, in a lot of ways.  The newest way that she is awesome is that she shared a link with me to an equally awesome site called ThredUp.  Basically, it's an online shop where you can send your gently used items (both women's and kid's) you no longer need in order to be compensated via Paypal or ThredUP credit for the items they choose to re-sell.  Translation: you get money for your old clothes, or credit to buy new clothes.  On top of that, they send you a free bag, with postage paid, to send your items to them!

The coolest part?  You can get a $10 credit to shop with ThredUP just for signing up on their site.  Plus, if you refer your friends, whether via social media or e-mail, you get an additional $10 per person for everyone that signs up and shops through your referral.  I've already taken advantage of this, twice.  I used my first credit for a Gap dress and black mini skirt, only paying about $4 for shipping.  The second $10 (from a friend signing up) I used to get this shirt, for free:

ThredUP is awesome!  Really!
This was too good of a deal not to share with all of you, so I hope you'll take advantage of it!  (full disclosure: yes, if you sign up, I will get a $10 credit for myself.... but so do you, and I'll be sure to think gratefully of you as I use it!)


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