Kidlet Style - Backyard Discoveries

Okay, so Sunday was a gorgeous day!  It would have been a crime if we hadn't soaked up every bit of sunshine we could.  So, we played with the dog...

...soaked up sunshine and 'mowed' the lawn....

...decided to go barefoot...

...and wiggle and smile....

... and bounce, bounce, BOUNCE on the trampoline...

...and even find really cool stuff, like bird eggs, ladybugs, and flowers!


Outfit Details for Big A:
Top: Old Navy, $3.50
Skirt: Children's Place, $2.25 (clearance)
Sandals: Arizona, $3.50
Sneakers: Old Navy, $5.50

Outfit Details for Little A:
Leggings/Tutu: Children's Place, $3.50
Onesie: Circo, $1.50

Grand Total: $19.75

All outfits and prices are from our local Once Upon A Child.

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