Thrifted Pinterest - Finally

I scrolled through some of the blog's archives the other day, and realized how many sewing projects I used to do!  Then, Baby A came along, and while our family grew in love, he also cut down the amount of free time I have to sew.  I did finish one project recently, and as soon as outside temps got out of the super chilly, I grabbed the opportunity to wear it!  I finally got to re-create my own version of this pin:
I had a skirt that I snagged at a clothing swap last year, that just needed the lining shortened.  One afternoon and multiple baby interruptions later, and this outfit was born:

...this is my nonchalant 'ooh, look, my nails match my earrings' pose...

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Gap, thrifted, $1
Green Shirt: thrifted, $3
Skirt: clothing swap, DIY alterations
Shoes: thrifted, $4

Bracelet: JC Penney, $1 with coupon
Heart Necklace: gift from the hubs
Silver Necklace: Premier Designs, $4 for hosting party
nd Total: $13

Also this week, here's what's new in my eBay store!

Classic Striped Sweater

GAP Drop-Waist Dress

NWT Yellow Floral Dress

NWT Yellow Floral Skirt

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