Monday Meal Plan - 3/7

It's Monday again!  Funny how that seems to happen week after week, huh?  I'm a little late on getting our family's meal plan together this week (I usually do it Sunday evenings), and I blame my husband.  I mean, he had the nerve to take me out to dinner last night!  I kid, I kid.  But really, we did get to go out on a much needed date night, and late birthday dinner for him, and it was great!  I did end up going off-plan, but when there's Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Pina Colada dipping sauce and Bourbon Caramel Pecan Sweet Potatoes on the menu, you can guarantee that it will end up in my belly!  The beauty of healthy eating, at least for me, is that the occasional 'cheat' meal doesn't have to derail me.  I just have to give myself some grace, wait three hours to finish digesting, and have a healthy meal the next time around.

Of course, that doesn't always happen, like this morning.  I have a tendency to stress eat (it's called comfort food for a reason), and so after a whirlwind of errands and cranky kids, I did break down and have some danishes for breakfast. instead of what I had planned.  Once again, I need a little grace!  (And also, maybe a bit of preparation, like sticking some of these danishes in the freezer for 'emergencies!')  We've got doctor's appointments and other errands all this week, so expect to see a lot of leftovers in the meal plan this week!  All in all, all the extra work to take care of my family is totally worth it.  I mean, who wouldn't want to love these little faces?

Monday (3/7)
B: {went off plan, was supposed to be THM Pancakes (p. 259) and Sausage patties (S)}
L: Baked Pork Chops, Easy Cheesy Brown Rice, steamed broccoli with butter (CO)
D: Tuna Melts (Tuna, mayo, tomato slices, and cheese broiled on whole wheat bread; mine's on 1/2 a Joseph's Lavash bread), side salad with Ranch (S)
Snacks: Chocolate 'Cheesecake' (a few ounces cream cheese blended with cocoa, stevia, and a dash of almond milk)(S), Veggies (cucumber, carrots, snap peas) and hummus (E)
Drinks: GGMS made with orange La Croix and dash of vanilla, B.P. Chai Tea (S)

Tuesday (3/8)
B: Microwave Omelette {I make mine with ham, tomatoes, and cheese} (S)
L: leftover pork chops, rice, and broccoli (CO)
D: (out - bringing dessert to small group)
Snacks: Apple and PB dip (GY, PB, and stevia), Cottage Berry Whip
Drinks: the 'Shrinker,'  Iced (decaf) Mint Mocha {pour cup of coffee over ice, then blend (separately) almond milk, cocoa, 1/2 scoop protein powder, a dash of cream, stevia, and a few drops peppermint extract, add to glass, stir and enjoy!

Wednesday (3/9)
B: Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie (swap agave for stevia, add protein powder) (S)
L: wrap made with turkey, LLC, and low-carb tortilla (FP)
D: (out - bringing salad to small group)
Snacks: Apple and cheese slices (CO), microwave popcorn and hot tea with collagen (E)
Drinks: Vitamin Water Zero, B.P. Chai Tea (S)

Thursday (3/10)
B: Scrambled eggs and Sausage patties (S)
L: Shrimp Scampi (I'll use Dreamfield's Angel Hair pasta), side salad with ranch (S)
D: Potsticker Patties (p. 175) (S)
Snacks: Pay Off Day Candies (p. 381) (S), Berry Crunch Bars (p. 392) (S)
Drinks: Wonderland Sip, iced (p. 405), GGMS made with True Lime

Friday (3/11)
B: Chocolate Waffles (p. 265), with strawberry syrup {frozen strawberries (thawed), a bit of water, stevia, and a few dashes of glucomannan blended together} (E)
L: Crockpot Chicken Bacon Chowder (S)
D: leftover Potsticker Patties (S)
Snacks: Blueberry Muffin in a Mug (S), leftover Berry Crunch Bars (S)
Drinks: the 'Shrinker,' Iced (decaf) Mint Mocha

Saturday (3/12)
B: leftover Berry Crunch Bars (S)
L: wrap made with turkey, LLC, and low-carb tortilla (FP)
D: leftover Chowder (S)
Snacks: Pay Off day Candies (S), Apple and cheese slices (CO)
Drinks: Vitamin Water Zero, B.P. Chai Tea (S)

Have questions about my crazy abbreviations?  Want to know more about Trim Healthy Mama?  Check out my first meal plan, or the THM website for more information!

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