OOTD - Stolen

You guys, I have a confession.  This is my husband's shirt.

I convinced my hubbster to buy a red (almost pink...?) V-neck T-shirt online.   Suffice it to say, he took one look in the mirror when it arrived here and suddenly, I had a new shirt.  It looks better on me anyways. ;)

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Aeropostale, $4 (clearance)
Jeans: Aeropostale, $9 (clearance)
Sweater: Sears, $3 (clearance)
Shoes: Sears, $5 (clearance)
Necklace: Rue 21, $5 (clearance)
Ring: Icing by Claire's, $3 (not clearance...)

Grand Total: $29

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