Sensory Sunday

Hey guys!  Welcome to my newest feature, where I'm looking forward to sharing some of the things that I've been listening to, reading, eating, or watching (i.e. using my senses, so Sensory... get it?  Eh?)  There is so much to discover in this world God created, and I always look forward to sharing new things I've discovered with anyone I can!

What I'm listening to:

THIS SONG!!  I wish I had heard of Alabama Shakes a long time ago, and I'm totally soaking up everything I can by them.  Ugh, so good!

What I'm eating:

Sometimes I like cheap and easy food (sometimes.... ha, I'm funny....), like these little cookies from Wal-Mart.  Knock-off Samoas?  Seriously.

Caramel Coconut & Fudge Cookies 
What I'm Reading:

Sometimes I wish I were an intellectual, English major type.  You know, the one that quotes Thoreau, drinks nothing but tea, and wears a newsboy cap... But, I happen to have kiddos, and therefore don't get to read nearly as much as I'd like to.  I did pick up a copy of this book earlier today, and I'm looking forward to starting it tonight while Big A is at the grandparents'.... I may even have a cup o' tea....

William Faulkner - As I Lay Dying

What's on Mah Brain:

The sermon I had the privilege of hearing this morning, given by Matt Mooney of 99 Balloons.  There was so much good stuff in there, and you should listen to the whole thing if you get a chance!  Any little summary I try to give really wouldn't do it justice.

One thing Matt mentioned was about the balance between believing and doing, and how your own insecurities keep you from doing God's work, and instead cause people to begin pointing their fingers at each other's shortcomings.  It reminded me of my own little soapbox, promoting the idea that the fashion industry has the capability of dramatically impacting the lives of other people.  A lot of times, I waver back and forth on pushing that issue, since it's very easy to allow insecurity to stand in the way of passion.  But, I was reminded of this post from my old site:

That's why my Fair Trade Friday and Thrifted Pinterest posts are so important to me, and why I love passing stuff like that along to you guys!

So, what new Sensory experiences are you having?  Please comment and share, I love hearing about new things!!

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