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Seriously, Arkansas weather?  Quit teasing me!  I was all hyped up for warmth, and then it's been rainy, cloudy, and forty degrees for half a week.  Ugh.  Oh, well, at least it was warm on Easter, so my little girls could wear their little frilly dresses!

Butt bows and back seams!!  Eeeep!
Seriously, how did I get such a good-looking family?  But, I digress.

The one advantage to it being all blustery outside is that I get to re-create a pin that I love that is really only suited for colder days.

So cute, right?
I knew I already had a similar skirt in my closet, so I pulled together this outfit for the day.

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Gap, thrifted, $2.50
Shirt: Ann Taylor via Half of 1/2, $3
Tights: JC Penney, $6
Jacket: Old Navy, thrifted, $2.50
Boots: Target, $40
Scarf: gifted
Necklace: $1 Jewelry Store
Nail Polish: Sinful Colors in Cloud 9 (#853)

Grand Total: $55

All kiddos' clothes are from Once Upon A Child

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